50th SF Intl. Film Festival Opening Press Conference

At the April 3rd opening press conference to the 50th San Francisco International Film Festival, Graham Leggat talked about International Online. Working with Jaman.com, 5-10 full feature films will be available for select viewing.

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2 Responses to “50th SF Intl. Film Festival Opening Press Conference”

  1. 1 cheryl

    Better late than never. Neat! You made it not a bore, which this kind of thing often is. I think they should put their whole damn festival online. Not sure why they’re not interested in that.

  2. 2 Danielle Farrar

    Hey! Excellent coverage!

    I see that you have creative commons rights (love the creative commons!)… would you mind if I share this on the Jaman site? With attribution, of course.

    We [heart] SFFS and we [heart] bloggers.

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