Videoblogging Week Day 1!

I was at Ritual Roasters on the first day of Videoblogging Week, April 1st.


5 Responses to “Videoblogging Week Day 1!”

  1. 1 Eddie

    I love no pants days.

  2. 2 Laura Moncur

    I was really getting jealous of the quality of picture on your phone until I realized what you did! Of course, it’s STILL better than any video I would have gotten from my Treo.

  3. 3 Enric

    😉 @ Laura

  4. 4 Clintus

    Great video. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my phone to take larger video size and for the flash version not to freeze on blip.

  5. 5 Enric

    Thanks, Clintus.

    Yea, my camera — T-Mobile SDA by HTC — goes up to 176×144 mpeg4. The quality isn’t great, but if you don’t move the camera much it’s acceptable.

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