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Be Very Not Afraid (2:26)

Schlomo talks of the underlying fear expressed of other people’s content.

Pre-Vloggercon 2006 – Wednesday #2 (4:29)

This time I did the titling and transitions in Windows Movie Maker and encoding in Quicktime Pro 6. This gave me some more options. But I still miss the color and audio correction in FCP.

In this piece, Mike Hudack interviews me at Ritual Roasters. And I talk to Dina at Muddy Waters.

Pre-Vloggercon 2006 – Wednesday (1:53)

I’m trying to edit on my PC laptop. There I only have Windows Movie Maker and Quicktime Pro 6. So I’m capturing on Windows Movie Maker. Then editing and encoding on Quicktime Pro 6. Compared to Final Cut Pro on my desktop G5, I’m not too satisfied. But it’s more convenient.

My pre-Vloggercon 2006 activity today was getting the material to build the frame for the green screen material. I also bought the green screen today at Britex on Geary St. This’ll be used by Bill Streeter during Vloggercon to shoot testimonials of people’s vlogs. They’ll be composited with material and put up quickly on the web.

Then I met with Mike Hudack of at Ritual Roasters. I went over vPIP with him and then we hunted for cafes where we could get dependable wi-fi. We didn’t faire too well. 😉