Why Are You Going To Vloggercon? (2:07)

Vloggercon is happening June 10th and 11th in San Francisco.  Get information and tickets at vloggercon.com

Music by Ehren Starks from the Lines Build Walls album.  Available at Magnatune.

4 Responses to “Why Are You Going To Vloggercon? (2:07)”

  1. 1 tagami

    I’m going because he’s going! hahaha. Wonderful Enric!

  2. 2 Paul Knight

    I am going to vloggercon, because evryone is going and there is free food! Or did I just make that up? See you in June, sponsorship permitting.

  3. 3 Anthony

    Great job on the promo!

  4. 4 randy mann

    not only free food but free beer from watm, nice promo now just click on pauls pay pall button so we can have him around



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