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Luminous Cinema Performances

Last night I went to the San Francisco International Film Festival event, “Scribble Scrapple IC You“. It was a interesting and often beautiful live performance of cinematic light and music. Afterwards the audience came up, talked to the performers: Golan Levin, Sue Costabile and Laetitia Sonami. And tried out the instruments. Below are photos I took of those interactions.

Golan Levin talks about how Scrapple is performed.

Golan Levin demonstrates drawing to create music from image.

Golan Levin erases the prior performance entry.

Sue Costabile shows how the performance is operated.

Sue Costabile shows how to operate the performance.

The dry ice used in the performance.

SFIFF 49 – Adrian Belic Interview (4:30)

Steve Rhodes interviews Adrian Belic, director of "Beyond the Call", at the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival.

Enticing Mystery


Obaba at the San Francisco International Film Festival was Spain’s entry to the 78th Oscars. It is a mystery of past histories and personal meanings of the students and school teacher who taught in the 1960’s at the rural town, Obaba.

The intricacies and unfolding of the story is thought provoking — providing multiple views of similar situations. The development of the story is an essential element in the enjoyment of the movie, so I think it’s best just to recommend seeing the film if it become available to you.

SFIFF Opening Night Interview – Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey (3:44)

Interview with Sam Dunn, co-directory of "Metal:  A Headbanger’s Journey", from the The 49th San Francisco International Film Festival opening night party.



SFIFF Opening Night Party – Programming (3:06)

The 49th San Francisco International Film Festival opened on April 20th, 2006.  Here’s footage and interviews I did with Sean Uyehara and Ryan Shaw on the programming for the festival.

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