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Anthony & Enric’s Ex’pression Vlog

In the afternoon of November 18th I went to Expression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, California. Schlomo and Dave Toole provided an interactive presentation of videoblogging. I joined Ted Tagami and Markus Sandy as faciliators to three volunteer students to shoot, edit, post and view a vlog of the band performing at the end of the presentation. The video on this post was completed by Anthony and I. Anthony shot the band footage, captured and did the edit (the edit was completed in twenty minutes!) I shot the audience footage, uploaded the video to and posted it on the Xpression vlog.

I learned a few things watching Anthony edit with certainty of the editing tools (Fina Cut Pro), footage and intended results. Anthony immediately took the sample footage Schlomo provided of seagulls flying above a beach and my audience footage, stripped the audio, cut them and placed them in the second video timeline over song elements. He used a moire filter on the seagull footage and Dip to Color Dissolve leading to white in and out of the seagulls.

Announcing “Tech Alley” (length: 1:09)

Originally my sites focus at Cirne was for Film related videos.  However since October I have presented videos on digital technology developments and events.  So I created a new site, Tech Alley, into which the future digital technology videos will live.   And I’ll go back to producing on Cirne videos about Film.

On Gaming MemeOrandum (length: 1:14)

OK, earlier today I was looking at Tara’s site,, that led me to the linked discussions and Alex Barnett’s screencast on gaming MemeOrandum (sorry if the "O" isn’t meant to be capitalized.)  I recalled when I interviewed Gabe on memeorandum at the October 24th Geek Dinner, he talked about people gaming it.  At that time I hadn’t looked at memeorandum yet and Dave Winer had been joking about Web 2.0.  So I asked about collaboration in memorandum 😉

After TagCamp (length: 9:11)

I was late to TagCamp.  OK, I got there at 5:10 pm on Saturday when it was wrapping up.  But I’ve wanted to test my theory that the interesting conversation is at the bar after the event. 

So here we are two blocks down at Old Pro Restaurant:

P.S. This video entry should work on the video iPod. Try it out.