Geek Dinner at Fellini (Oct 24th, 2005) – iPod Version

Length: 6:05

This is the iPod version of the “Geek Dinner at Fellini” video. Please feel free to upload to your iPod and view. If it fails, please let me know at enric at cirne dot com. (The video should also play on Quicktime 7.)

Below is the information on the video:

Dave Winer threw a Geek Dinner at Fellini Restaurant in Berkeley for Robert Scoble.  It was at the back of the resaurant which was had a few posters and movie stills from the films of one of my favorite filmakers, Federico Fellini

It was a bit crowded since the space for schmoozing was relatively narrow between the tables and bar.  But no one seemed to mind much and there was much animated conversation. 

Featured in the video are:

  1. Matt Mullenweg, orginator of WordPress
  2. Marc Canter, founder and CEO of Broadband Mechanics which released Ourmedia
  3. Don Hopkins, Sims object developer
  4. Gabe Rivera of Memeorandum