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Crawl Space

I just started actively VideoBlogging. So I saw a a vlogging opportunity when my associate in scriptwriting class, Mae, proudly informed us her daughter is reading from her new Novel, “Crawl Space“.

This is Edie Meidav second novel after “The Far Field” and it has received good reviews. Edie’s website is Edie teaches writing at the New College of California. One of her students, David A. Dzurick, an accomplished musician, produced a soundtrack to “Crawl Space” which is in this vlog.

This vlog entry introduces the reading when I come into the bookstore, A Clean Well Lighted Place for Books, meet people. Then two of her students do a performance as mimes.

As time opens up, I’ll make the other sections of this event.

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  1. 1 Des

    hey i’ve been there! 🙂

    I have a feedburner feed. Is ther more I have to do? According to feedburner’s stats I have subscribers too. I’m confused.

  2. 2 renegade

    whoa, what a performance!

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